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*For each year of a new .buzz domain name registration, will contribute $10 toward the ongoing efforts of the American Beekeeping Federation Legislative Fund.

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Why are bees in trouble? Many pollinators are disappearing at alarming rates, especially native bees (such as bumble bees and solitary bees). Honey bees are also in trouble these days, with beekeepers reporting heavy winter and even summer losses. The solution to pollinator health is not a simple one. Pesticides are weakening pollinator immune systems, leaving them more open to diseases and parasites. Healthy food sources and places to nest are disappearing, with “pollinator deserts” replacing once abundant wildflower meadows. People are moving honey bees and bumble bees around commercially, narrowing their genetic diversity and spreading bee parasites and pathogens in the process. Habitat loss, acute and chronic pesticide poisoning, diseases and parasites, increasing intensification of conventional farming, and even the impacts of climate change are all taking their toll on bee health. Many of our bees are sick, stressed, and undernourished. But everyone can help save bees!


We have always been something more than a third generation raw honey company. Our team members have broad and deep personal experience in alternative wellness, entrepreneurship, and personal coaching. So, when our customers’ needs exceeded the solutions that only providing raw honey gave them, we decided to expand our offerings. Bee Wild isn’t just a cute name, we focus on the why wild honey is better for you than farmed or “tame” honey


Bee Found Marketing provides a complete digital marketing solution including web designing, SEO, social media marketing, graphic designing, blogging, and more.


Honeycomb delivers killer inbound marketing services. Inbound Is The Art Of Attracting Real, Quality Visitors To Your Site, Converting Them Into Leads, Closing Them Into Customers, And Delighting Those Customers Into Promoters. The Process Is Data Driven, But These Are People, And We Want Them To Feel Like We Get That.


Humble Bee Inc is a partnership between Luc Peters and Dan Douma. We are primarily urban beekeepers, with half a dozen apiaries in the Hamilton area, including locations at the Mustard Seed and the Cotton Factory, as well as more traditional rural locations. We focus on urban honey production, breeding and sales of queen bees and nucleus colonies, and educating beekeepers and the general public. Our philosophy is to put the needs of the bees first, with the understanding that maintaining healthy, thriving colonies is in the best interests of both the bees and the beekeeper. Our colonies are managed without the use of antibiotics or synthetic miticides, and we select for gentle, disease-resistant stock. With over 20 years of experience between us, we can help you achieve all your beekeeping goals.


Welcome to the website of the Beekeepers' Guild of San Mateo County, California. The Guild provides a valuable community for sharing information, tips and resources, and camaraderie. Experienced members frequently guide and mentor beginning beekeepers. We invite you to attend our next monthly meeting or one of our beekeeping classes. Our site offers many resources for beekeepers: information on our member email group, supplier lists, useful books and journals, and more.


Got honey bees? If you are in Berks County or surrounding counties and find yourself in a honey bee emergency, please call me. I will put you in touch with a swarm remover who can help you. If I don’t answer right away, please leave me a message with as much information as possible. And then relax. I will absolutely call you the moment my hands are empty. And please, never spray honey bees.


People-Powered Yeaaah! We really get the crowd to express what they think. We are super focused on the social-part, like nothing else out there! We provide the tools to get measurable opinions on things! We know it is awesome, and meaningful, more than a Facebook like, a re-tweet or an Instagram heart.


Our all-natural protection is a great alternative choice from long-lasting synthetics for sensitive treatment areas and for those who prefer the natural approach. Mosquitoes are immediately repelled, providing peace of mind for you and your family. Our applications are designed to specially target mosquitoes in areas around the barrier of your home and throughout your property using our high velocity backpack sprayer.


Reflexology is beneficial for the whole body as well as your hands & feet! Enjoy the relaxation and healing benefits of the ancient therapy of Reflexology. There are zones and reflexes on the feet and hands that correspond to specific areas of the body. Techniques using thumbs and finger pressure help to release congested energy in the body, allowing renewed energy flow to revitalize the body, mind and spirit.


Reduce invasive inspections with Nectar's minimalist sensor device. Through its precise technology, you'll be able to remotely monitor the health of your bees without disturbing them, so your apiary can thrive and make you proud.


Beekeeping Consult Services. One hour visit to your apiary for assistance in your beekeeping endeavors (hive inspection, moving, extracting, installing bees, swarm catching, etc), advice, recommendations for apiary location, as well as help navigating legal or permitting requirements.


We need the people of Cardiff to help survey the city’s bee-friendly plants! If you spot a bee, use your mobile to take a picture of the plants they’re buzzing around. Then, send us the photo using the link below. Videos and audio recordings are welcome too!


Huebee is a JavaScript library for creating user-centric color pickers. Huebee displays a limited set of colors so users view all colors at a glance, make clear decisions, and select a color with a single click.


Scientists Have Some Wild Ideas for Solving Our Big Bee Problem: The world’s bees are in big trouble — even more than you might have realized. Their extinction would affect the food supply, cosmetics, crops, and climate change, but scientists are hopeful they can save these important insects.


We ensure high-quality services by maintaining a low employee to supervisor ratio and delegating your calls to a small team; the same three to five employees will always answer your calls so customers aren’t dealing with dozens of voices and virtual receptionists are able to become familiar with your business.


BEEcosystem is an observation honeybee hive designed to make pollinator education more accessible, as well as marketable within agritourism and ecotourism industries. Indoor/outdoor wall-mountable and modular, it grows along with your colony inside. From our design perspective, we wanted to create a hive that intentionally provokes meaningful conversations about honeybees. In deliberately differing BEEcosystem from existing styles of beehives, we celebrate a fusion of old and new ideas in apiculture: an emergent hive form, with a familiar top bar functionality.


The Veterinary Health Innovation Engine (vHive) is a research centre, startup and incubator supported by a co-investment of £8.5 million in resources dedicated to the development and adoption of new digital technologies in animal health.


Install a hive on your rooftop, on your balcony or in your backyard and learn about beekeeping with the help of the Alvéole team. Whether it's to get practical beekeeping experience, to pollinate your neighbourhood or to produce honey as a family, there are countless reasons why hosting can be beneficial – and even fun!


When Botanical Springs set out to develop smart, sustainable agriculture techniques, we searched far and wide for plants and animals that benefit each other as well as the overall environment. Harvesting birch and maple came first, but we quickly learned how honey bees can improve the overall health of woodland areas. Now our bees are helping our trees at the same time that we are helping to fight Colony Collapse Disorder and other diseases that have severely diminished bee populations worldwide.


Bee Removal in these Florida Counties: Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, St.Lucie, Martin, Indian River. Honest, Fast, Friendly, Effective Bee Removal Service. Complete Bee Hive Removal Done Right the First Time.

Multiple uses for a .buzz domain name:

  • A .buzz domain name can headline your organization’s website.
  • A .buzz domain name can simply redirect to your existing website – Point your .buzz domain name to all or a portion of your existing website to highlight your bee products or current promotions and news.
  • A .buzz domain name can forward to your existing blog or social media account, using it as a memorable shortcut to reach your information.

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